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Circle T Ranch & Rodeo

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Owners:  Jeff & Amy Talley

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Howard Talley
I did not win the battle against cancer’
Courtesy of the PBR
Hey all you CT fans! We have an announcement to make....it's been a little while since we've been
on FB but we wanted to get all our "bulls in a row" before we put this on FB and on our webpage.
The following is from us but written from Jeff Charles Talley:

With much prayer and a lot of thought we are/have selling/sold our bulls. This decision was very
hard to make and has been carefully thought out over this past year. As many as you already know
this was started by my parents...something they had always wanted to do and when they both past
away I felt in my heart that I wanted to finish what they started and I feel like we did. Asteroid
became 2012 bull of the year and we have had a string of bulls like no other for the past two years.
Even tho we have enjoyed everything that has transpired and how far the past two years has
brought us, it's not been my "thing". I always my mom and dad to not just have a world champion
bull, but to breed and raise a world champion bull....and with that in the back of my mind combined
with our main business which has helped sustain Circle T this is where it has led us.

Our PBR bulls will ALL be going to Wolfe Creek & Cattle Co. We are very pleased that the Bad Boy
team will be staying together and hope that you will continue to follow them and support them like
you have us! A big thank you to Dennis Tebow & Rex Meier at Wolf Creek for keeping them
together and we are sure they would love the support as you have shown us.
We will be keeping Asteroid & After Party and will be collecting from as many of the bulls as we can
before they leave so that we can begin breeding....We will have straws available and eventually a
lot more calves. Also we are still going to keep our FB page and webpage and keep every one
informed on what is going on at Circle T so I hope all of you will hang in there with us. This is a big
transition that only God knows where it is going to lead. Also we are still here for people who want
to come see and ride around the place, see Asteroid, After Party and eventually some babies but
for now we will just be breeding not hauling...

We have said this so many times before but we are so grateful and thankful for the friendships we
have made, for all the followers & support from all of you, for the PBR, and the folks @ Jack
Daniels for loving our bulls ..... STAY TUNED...there will be more to come...we just don't know what.
Thank You
Jeff & Amy Tally
& Everyone from Circle T Ranch